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BlackLite Tube Accessories

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Keep dust off of your optics when your telescope is in storage, or being transported. Our tube end caps are custom-made to fit our BlackLite tubes. They also fit Hastings aluminum tubes, and common sizes of cardboard tubes. They will fit with, or without, the tube end trim installed. Color: black (no longer yellow). Made in the U.S.A.

Part No.


Price (US$)


Tube end cover for 8" OD tubes; 1 pc.



Tube end cover for 10" OD tubes; 1 pc.



Tube end cover for 12" OD tubes; 1 pc.


End trim protects the vulnerable ends of the tube from damage during transport and use, and also gives a finished appearance. Our high-quality tube end trim has a metal core for a secure fit without glue. It is black with a sand textured finish. Installs easily with light tapping. Fits our BlackLite tubes, Hastings aluminum tubing (all wall thicknesses), and most cardboard tubes. Made in the U.S.A.

Part No.


Price (US$)


Tube end trim; for 1/8" wall thickness (works for 0.10" to 0.13" wall)

$0.25 per inch


Tube end trim; for 5/32" wall thickness (works for 0.14" to 0.18" wall)

$0.25 per inch


Tube end trim; for 1/4" wall thickness (works for 0.22" to 0.28" wall)

$0.35 per inch


Tube trim; for 5/16" wall thickness (works for 0.29" to 0.34" wall)

$0.35 per inch


Tube trim; for 3/8" wall thickness (works for 0.36" to 0.40" wall)

$0.35 per inch

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