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Bulk sales:
Large quantities of flocked light trap material are available at discount for O.E.M.s, or other buyers who need large quantities. Please call or e-mail us for more information.

How it works

Image contrast suffers when stray light reaches the focal plane. Even the best flat black paint reflects about 5% of the light that strikes it, and more when viewed at high angles of incidence.

In 1997, Protostar was the first to develop a black, low-pile surface for lining telescope tubes. It absorbs well over 99% of visible light, and is effective at all angles of incidence. Unlike decorative grades of flocking, Protostar light trap material doesn't shed on your optics.

Choose from two types of Protostar flocked light trap:

Click to order Hi-tack self-adhesive light trap material


Click to order FlockBoard light trap sheets

Optical properties:

Avg. visible reflectivity @ 0º incidence angle


Avg. visible reflectivity @ 80º incidence angle


Spectral reflectivity curve

See graph

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