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Straight-vane Secondary Mirror Mounts

Detailed Product Description

Product description

Protostar secondary mounts are professional quality optical mounts designed for simplified collimation adjustment, and low total diffraction. They are available for mirror sizes from 1.00" up to 6.00" (mirrors sold separately), and most are available in both 4-vane and 3-vane configurations.

Principal of operation

Protostar secondary mounts use a unique "push-pull" concept which greatly simplifies the collimation process. A semi-rigid shaft (item 1) permits the range of secondary mirror tilt motion required for collimation. Alignment is maintained by the three collimation screws (item 2) pressing against a clutch disk (item 3) on the back of the diagonal head assembly.

The most important advantage to this system is it permits independent adjustment of each collimation screw. For example, there is no need to loosen the other collimation screws before turning in the third one (like on traditional ball-and-socket type mounts). Also, when you reach perfect collimation, there is nothing to tighten down. Just take your hands off, and you're done!

Optional features

Protostar mounts can be ordered with optional features. The built-in anti-dew heater keeps your secondary mirror dew-free all through the night. Custom built-in spider offsets can also be ordered.

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