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Product catalog

Protostar catalog (1.2 MB; updated 11/18/13)

Straight-vane secondary mount manuals

Straight-vane mount installation manual (270 kB; updated 2/26/13)
Supplemental instructions for anti-dew heater (200 kB; updated 2/27/13)
Supplemental instructions for built-in offset (420 kB)

Curved secondary mount manuals

Curved mount user manual (150 kB; updated 2/26/13)
Bracket mounting template; short brackets (125 kB)
Bracket mounting template; long brackets (125 kB)

Cassegrain secondary mount manual

Cassegrain secondary mount user manual (600 kB; updated 10/15/08)

BlackLite telescope tube manuals

BlackLite tube user manual (145 kB; updated 2/27/13)
Tube end trim installation (72 kB)
Finishing & painting BlackLite tubes (100 kB)

Air-spaced tube liner manual

Air-spaced tube liner installation guide (120 kB; updated 2/12/10)

Flocked light trap material documentation

Flocked light trap mat'l installation tips (245 kB; updated 2/27/13)
FlockBoard light trap sheet mat'l installation tips (90 kB)
FlockBoard GSO/Synta kits installation tips (80 kB; updated 2/27/13)

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